5 Pro Tips to Run a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter Campaign

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Kickstart is a unique way for creative people to complete projects that might otherwise be abandoned. Many of the backers are searching for unique and creative pieces of work or products. Anyone can attempt a kickstart campaign but not everyone succeeds. It does require a great deal of work and marketing, however it could just allow you to bring that one passionate idea to reality. There are a great many things that must be done but below you will find five tips that will help spell success.

#1 – Make Sure That Your Idea Is Worth Everyone’s Time and Money

Anyone can have an idea, but with kickstart it’s important that the campaigner ensures that the project is fully developed and ready to go. They should also understand that not all projects are equal. For example is your idea one that is needed or will it provide beauty and knowledge to others? An individual who requests money for a piece of software that revolutionize how users interact with computers would be much more interesting to backers than one that simply creates a product already on the market.

#2 – Establish Credibility with Your Community and Others

This piece of advice is crucial, after all, why would anyone give money to a person they don’t really know. It is solely up to the campaigner to make them feel safe. When doing the video make sure you dress and act appropriately and be sure to use professional language. Even body language that is closed off or superior can spell disaster. Also make sure that you can document why the project will require a certain amount of backing and how the money has been spent afterwards.

#3 – Build Your Community before You Launch

Do not try to build your community at kickstart, you will need to have them in place before you launch. Know whether your community includes only family and friends or if you will need to market to others. Announce your intentions on social media, put a link on your webpage and notify everyone on your email list, this is important as many of people who subscribe to a newsletter will be loyal to the author. Spread the word as far as possible and encourage others to share the news on their social media sites.

#4 – Be In Constant Contact with Your Backers

The campaigner must work to keep everybody happy and one way to do this is to post progress reports letting everyone know that everything is going as planned or if there was an unforeseeable delay. Always be honest. The campaigner should also respond to all questions and comments.

#5 – Do Not Be Afraid To Tell You Story

While it’s true that your project is of the greatest interest backers also want to know who they are backing and how the project came to be. The campaigner will have to maintain complete honesty, one wrong statement could ruin the whole project. Don’t be afraid, this tip can actually get you backers. Tell everyone if the idea came from a time when everything had gone bad or if it had a humorous start. Even if it came from just a strike from nowhere tell that story.

Not everyone can conduct a successful kickstart campaign, but for those who do the rewards can be untold. If you were to look closely to the above tips you would see that they all point towards being a professional. Perhaps that is the biggest key of all, be professional.

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5 Essential Tools Every Freelance Developers Should Use

Credit: Shutterstock

Credit: Shutterstock

A wise man once said to me, “make sure you have the right tools for the right job.” This maxim applies for nearly any situation, and for a freelance developer, having the very best tools for the job can mean the difference between success and failure. What tools are essential for a freelance developer?

There are five general classes of apps and tools that can make all the difference as you go about building your reputation as a highly skilled freelance developer. These include: Time Management, Writing, Organizational, Project Management and Social Media Tools.

Among these five general categories of tools, there are certain apps which stand out as superior to others. Many of these tools are free and can be easily downloaded so you can begin using them immediately.

  1. My favorite time management tools is Toggle. Toggl works by simply keeping track of where you are spending your time. It is even available as a Chrome extension. You just click the start button and then get to work. When you are done the particular project you are working on, click the stop button. At the end of the day, week, or any other period of time, just click a few buttons and you will have PDF or CSV reports that compile all the time spent on your different projects. Toggl makes invoicing your clients easy because you can show them exactly how much time was spent on their project.
  2. The best writing tool I have found is OpenOffice. OpenOffice mimics Microsoft Office for the most part and the very best thing about it is the cost. Absolutely free. It gives you all the tools you need to create content, write copy, and communicate efficiently and effectively with your clients.
  3. Every productive freelance developer needs great organizational tools. My absolute favorite is Dropbox. As you probably already know, Dropbox could possibly be the best invention since sliced bread. It allows you to drop files into “the cloud” and then access them from whatever platform you happen to be working on at the moment. It essentially allows you to sync every device you have with an easy to use drag and drop system.
  4. One project management tool that I think is absolutely critical to your performance include FreedCamp. FreedCamp is the absolutely free alternative to BaseCamp and delivers simple to use project templates that allow you to quickly, efficiently and effectively get your project up and running and then keep it on track to completion in a timely manner.
  5. And to build your business as a freelance developer, it is absolutely critical that you take full advantage of the very best Social Media tools available. BufferApp allows you to schedule out a series of tweets to hit the web at the time when the highest number of your followers are on Twitter. You schedule delivery times and BufferApp does the rest. This allows you to get maximum results without having to drop everything you are doing every few hours and Tweet your heart out. Sit down once a day, set up all your tweets to be delivered at the appropriate times and then get back to your important projects with the confidence of knowing your critical marketing job is taken care of.

Success as a freelance developer depends on managing your time and performing to your customers expectations. The job can be difficult, but the tools and apps I covered here will help you get organized, get productive and get your name out to potential customers. As you build your business, these tools will be right by your side, helping you to achieve your goals. I use them every day and they have made all the difference in my career.

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